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Make Cantrell AIC Physical Therapy Consulting PRI Postural Restoration Consulting performance
James Anderson Physical Therapy Consulting PRI performance AIC Applied Integration Consulting Postural Restoratio Institute
James Anderson AIC Applied Integration Consulting PRI Postural Restoration Institute performance consultant
Mike Cantrell AIC Applied Integration Consulting PRI Postural Restoration Institute performance consultant
James Anderson Physical Therapy Consulting


Southern Utah, Las Vegas NV

Mike Cantrell Physical Therapy Consulting


Middle, Georgia, Atlanta Georgia

map locations AIC Southern Utah Georgia applied integration consulting performance athletic PRI Postural Restoration Institute Mike Cantrell James Anderson
Mike Cantrell AIC Applied Integration Consulting  PRI Postural Restoration Institure performance consultant

For Private Client treatment

     Routinely James and Mike bring clients into Southern Utah or Middle Georgia to allow them to take advantage of their 50+ years of combined experience with the science of asymmetry to find meaningful solutions to chronic pain, sports performance and spine rehab cases. You too can enjoy this type of customized care.


For Patients, Clients and Athletes

   It doesn’t matter whether you consider yourself a patient, a client or an athlete or all of the above,James and Mike have worked to develop high-level skills throughout their career to bring you powerful, pain-free performance in a concierge format.


For Elimination of Pain

    One of the most rewarding areas of patient care management enjoyed by James and Mike is the elimination of your pain. Tears have been shed, hugs have been exchanged and fast friendships have been forged. We look forward to making this change in your life… we really do.


To Step Up your Game

   Athletic performance enhancement and human movement engineering are areas in which James and Mike excel. Providing powerful solutions to difficult performance issues from the high school athlete to the elite professional athlete can be done one on one in their private facilities.


Mike Cantrell, MPT, PRC (478) 256-5313

James Anderson, MPT, PRC (402) 871-8060 


AIC is not affiliated with the Postural Restoration Institute®.

While both James Anderson and Mike Cantrell have taught PRI® courses as PRI® faculty members for many years and appreciate many aspects of the PRI® model, they are not affiliated with PRI® in any way, and do not seek to be formal ambassadors or representatives of PRI®, or of the science of Postural Restoration®.

Their current clinical practice, mentorship services and interdisciplinary educational offerings are solely of their own authorship and based on insights gained over the course of their combined 50+ years of clinical experience. The current scope of their work goes beyond the training they have received through PRI® to include an expanded view of human asymmetry, an expanded perspective on unforeseen pattern variations and strong collaboration with dentists and optometrists who are likewise committed to high-level interdisciplinary learning.

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