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PRC and PRT Scholarship Application

   Mike Cantrell and James Anderson are very pleased to announce the creation of a $4,000 scholarship fund for PRC and PRT applicants! $2,000 for one PRC applicant and $2,000 for one PRT applicant. Mike and James are excited to be able to give back to PRI® Nation in the form of this education fund.

   The Mike Cantrell and James Anderson PRC/PRT Scholarship Fund represents an annual opportunity for individuals to compete for full funding of their PRC or PRT application. It offers full tuition coverage for one applicant each year with the dead line for submission 30 days prior to testing for PRC and PRT certification. Competition for these scholarships is renewed annually and as such, new applications are submitted each year. These applications will be reviewed by the scholarship board and the funding will be awarded to the most worthy/needy competitors. The monies will be paid directly to the Postural Restoration Institute® for coverage of application costs.   If you are interested in applying for this scholarship, compose an application video and upload it. 
In the video, please introduce yourself, your setting, special areas of interest and reasons you believe you would make a good recipient for the scholarship.

STEP #1 Please fill out the ALL information below.


STEP #2 You MUST click submit button below to advance your application.  Your video may take a few seconds to load, please wait for a success or failure message.

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THANK YOU!  Your content has been submitted.

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