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Anywhere in the World

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To mentor you in your setting

    AIC has its roots in travel. James and Mike often joke that their address is “seat 3B on any Delta flight”. They are prepared to come to you at any time to help you better apply and integrate what you know about working with difficult cases of human asymmetry.

Mike Cantrell and James Anderson AIC Applied Integration Consultants Applied Integration Consulting Academy AIA AIC

To help you Handle Tough Cases like never before.

    One of the best ways to tackle your tough clients is to work side by side with James or Mike. Let them take what you know to “the next level” and not only see benefits for your patient, but also experience greater patient loyalty and trust.


To Help You Deliver Successful Outcomes

    One on one mentorship has proven to create positive results on difficult patients and improved patient referrals, because nothing says confidence like positive patient to patient word of mouth.


To Advance the Knowledge of Your Performance Team

     Every team, every staff, every clinic, every office, wants to have a group of all-stars that can provide unparalleled care for their patients, client or athletes. AIC’s principle goal is to elevate each each group member’s clinical application skills so the entire unit can perform at stellar levels.


Mike Cantrell, MPT, PRC (478) 256-5313

James Anderson, MPT, PRC (402) 871-8060 


James Anderson and Mike Cantrell's current clinical practice, mentorship services and interdisciplinary educational offerings are based on insights gained over the course of their combined 50+ years of clinical experience. Their work provides an expanded  perspective on unforeseen pattern variations and promotes collaboration with dentists and optometrists who are likewise committed to high-level interdisciplinary learning.

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