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Private Treatment

Elimination of Your Pain

Stepping up Your Game

To Help:

Mentor You in Your Own Setting
Handle Tough Cases
Deliver Successful Outcomes
Advance the Knowledge of Your Performance Team

James Anderson, MPT, PRC
(402) 871-8060

Mike Cantrell, MPT, PRC 

(478) 256-5313

AIC is not affiliated with the Postural Restoration Institute®.

While both James Anderson and Mike Cantrell have taught PRI® courses as PRI® faculty members for many years and appreciate many aspects of the PRI® model, they are not affiliated with PRI® in any way, and do not seek to be formal ambassadors or representatives of PRI®, or of the science of Postural Restoration®.

Their current clinical practice, mentorship services and interdisciplinary educational offerings are solely of their own authorship and based on insights gained over the course of their combined 50+ years of clinical experience. The current scope of their work goes beyond the training they have received through PRI® to include an expanded view of human asymmetry, an expanded perspective on unforeseen pattern variations and strong collaboration with dentists and optometrists who are likewise committed to high-level interdisciplinary learning.

Mike Cantrell AIC Applied Integration Consulting PRI Postural Restoration Institute

If you are a patient, client or athlete looking for:

Private Treatment

Elimination of Your Pain

Stepping up Your Game

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